Venky's AO Sip 500 Gms

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Venky's AO Sip:

Refreshing Anti-oxidant energy drink mix.

Taking an antioxidant supplement is one of the most important and beneficial necessity today. In today’s toxic environment it provides protection and promotes good health all year round.

AO Sip is a potent blend of five important antioxidant nutrients: Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Zinc and Selenium. They boost immunity by scavenging free radicals generated due to physical & mental exertion.

Sucrose and Dextrose offer instant supply of energy needed during exercise that improves the performance

Procedure for consumption:

  • Take 200 ml cold water in a shaker / sipper
  • Add one spoonful (about 25g) of AO Sip to it.
  • Use AO Sip to enhance your training by taking it before, during or after a hard workout.

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