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Deemark  Air Foot massager  with Heating
Deemark  Air Foot massager  with Heating  is not your standard foot m..
र.14,500 र.5,720 60%
Deemark 3 In One Sauna Belt Massager
Why bother with traditional sauna rooms - with their hot, sweaty air and uncomfortable, wooden be..
र.2,499 र.669 73%
Deemark Car Massager With Rollar
Slip this cushion onto your favorite chair and experience the deeply relaxing motion of a Shiatsu..
र.16,999 र.6,449 62%
Deemark Car Seat Massager
Car Massage Cushion massages neck, back, waist, backbone, leg etc. This cushion gives relief..
र.4,999 र.1,965 60%
Deemark Compact Foot Massager
र.10,000 र.4,439 55%
Deemark Digital Dolphin Massager (DHM)
Deemark Dhm Digital Dolphin Massager Of Deemark Digital Dolphin Massager 2 Speed Dual Pivoting He..
र.1,499 र.999 33%
Deemark Digital Therapy Machine
This product is digital therapy machine for healthy lifestyle. Equipped with large size LCD, on w..
र.2,999 र.1,999 33%
Deemark Dolphin Massager 7 Attachment
Relief from pain Lightweight and easy to use Provides relief from tired aching mu..
र.2,999 र.1,709 43%
Deemark Dolphine Massager Red
MASSAGE HAMMER our massage head integrates 3 innovative functions: infrared ray, magnetic therapy..
र.2,999 र.999 66%
Deemark Eyes Exercise Massager
The Deemark Eyes Exercise Massager provides much needed relief from painful migraines and annoyin..
र.1,999 र.299 85%
Deemark Guee Neck Massager Cushion
DEEMARK GUEE NECK CUSHION MASSAGER  Deemark Guee Neck Massager Cushion Product Descripti..
र.1,099 र.699 36%
Deemark Hand Held Scalp Head Massager
Head-massager combines the millennium old tradition of the Aborigines with modern materials. The ..
र.1,999 र.769 61%
Deemark Health Hammer Massager
The Deemark Health Hammer Massager is an innovative massager. This device uses one key for free o..
र.2,999 र.1,199 60%
Deemark Infrarot Massager
Features • Powerful Infrared Full Body Massager with vibration. • Vibratory Massage with ..
र.2,999 र.1,449 51%
Deemark Laser Power Comb
Laser Photo Therapy for hair is a scientific discovery that uses the energy of Laser Light to nou..
र.3,999 र.2,999 25%
Deemark Magic Massager 8 In 1
Magic Massager is a powerful hand-held massager with eight attachment options designed to stimula..
र.2,999 र.1,979 34%
Deemark Multi function Brain Comfort Massager for Head Body & Face
Acupoint kneading massage, relax channels and collaterals. Head scratching massage, promote skin ..
र.1,999 र.449 77%
Deemark Multifunction Foot Kneading Massager
Deemark Foot Kneading Massager is definitely on the high-tech side of massagers! This product has..
र.9,999 र.4,999 50%
Deemark Multifuntion Foot Bath Spa / Massager
DESCRIPTION:The Deemark Foot Kneading Massager is definitely on the high-tech side of massagers! ..
र.2,199 र.1,999 9%
Deemark New Leg Massager
Unique features of Deemark Leg Massager The Deemark Leg Massager stands for its ..
र.44,999 र.26,699 40%
Deemark Slimming Massage Belt
First time in India sauna belt with digital controll. Now you can just select the time and power ..
र.5,999 र.2,879 52%