Mahaved HEIGHT TOP Capsules (60 Cap x 3 Pack)

Brand: Mahaved Healthcare
Product Code: MHC-HTP-CPS
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Mahaved HEIGHT TOP - Body Growth, Height Increase, Height Growth Capsules  (60 Capsules x 3 Packs)  (+)  Boosts natural process of height Growth & development of the body and as a result Bones, ligaments etc start gaining length and result in height growth.
(+)  Builds and tones Muscular mass by promoting new cell and tissue growth.
(+)  Improves Metabolism which further leads to lean body.
(+)  Strengthens Nervous System
(+)  Produces Amino acids that work as a food supplement for the Pituitary which further results in production of Growth hormone by natural process. This growth hormone increase height by natural phenomenon.
(+)  Maintains Cholesterol levels and is a good tonic for Heart.
(+)  Slower down's aging process.
(+)  Reduces extra fat
(+)  For Improving Growth and Height of Body.
(+)  Speeds up your Body Growth.
(+)  Helpful in conditions like stucked body and height growth.
(+)  100% Safe.
No Steroids, Chemicals, 100% Herbal & Ayurvedic (No Side Effects). All Claims are based on customer feedbacks and testimonials. We do not provide assurance for any results and results may vary from individual to individual.  MHC-HTP-CPS 3 Strips X 20 Capsules. X 3 Packs Herbal/Ayurvedic Supplement/Remedy for Height Increase, Herbal/Ayurvedic Supplement/Remedy for Height Growth, Herbal/Ayurvedic Supplement/Remedy for Body Growth, Herbal/Ayurvedic Supplement/Remedy for Human Growth Composition : Kesar 5 mg, Laung 5 mg, Safed Musli 20 mg, Amla 50 mg, Shatvar 40 mg, Mulethi 25 mg, Kasturi Dana 25 mg, Pudina 20 mg, Punarnava 25 mg, Kaanch 35 mg, Jayphal 5 mg, Peepal 20 mg`, Kali Mirch 5 mg, Vijaysaar 15 mg, Vidari Kand 20 mg, Arjun 78 mg, Ashwagandha 47 mg, Sonth 78 mg 1 or 2 Capsules twice a day with milk or water


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