Omron HEM-6111 Automatic Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

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The OMRON HEM-6111 is compact and easy-to-use at home, at work, and during travel. Perfect for people who frequently monitor their own blood pressure.

The unit also stores up to 30 measurement results in the memory.

Important Safety Information

Consult your doctor during pregnancy, arrhythmia and arteriosclerosis. You should never change the dosage of medication prescribed by your doctor. Use the HEM-6111 only for yourself.


  • Do not leave the unit unattended with infants or persons who cannot express
  • their consent.
  • People with severe blood flow problems, or blood disorders, should consult a doctor before using the unit. Cuff inflation may cause internal bleeding.
  • Do not use the unit for any purpose other than measuring blood pressure.
  • Do not use a cellular phone near the unit. This may result in incorrect operation of the unit.
  • Do not operate the unit in a moving vehicle (car, airplane).
  • Do not apply strong shocks and vibrations to or drop the unit.
  • Please observe the following points.
  • Do not insert the batteries with their polarities incorrectly aligned.
  • Replace old batteries with new ones immediately.
  • When you are not going to use the unit for a long period of time (approximately three months or more), take out the batteries.
  • Do not use new and used batteries together.
  • Do not use batteries of a different type together.
  • Only use two “AAA” alkaline batteries with this unit. Do not use other types of batteries.
  • When using batteries, the battery liquid may leak and damage the main unit.
  • Do not inflate the wrist cuff when it is not wrapped around your wrist.


 Do not store the unit in the following situations:

  • If the unit is wet.
  • Locations exposed to extreme temperatures, humidity, direct sunlight, dust or corrosive vapours.
  • Locations exposed to vibrations, shocks or where it will be at an angle.
  • Locations exposed to chemicals or corrosive vapours.
Silent Features • Memory for 30 sets of readings • Fully automatic inflation & deflation

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