Tara Nutricare Muscle Blaster 3 Kg

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Tara’s Nutricare Muscle Blaster

Tara’s Nutricare Muscle Blaster is a unique blend of high quality protein, Amino Acids and Branched Chain Amino Acids. This high quality protein powder delivers large portions of protein and carbohydrates, without the fat and sugar. Tara’s Muscle Blaster ensures accelerated muscle growth, increased stamina and enhanced muscle performance.

Tara’s Nutricare Muscle Blaster is the ideal supplement for those looking to pack on muscle and strength fast. Scientifically developed to increase protein, the chocolate flavoured muscle building supplement is sugar and fat free. This muscle building shake mix has great taste and is easily soluble in water or milk for a high protein drink. Tara’s Nutricare Muscle Blaster also ensures nitrogen supplements for quick and effective muscle growth. Poly Saccharides in this product derived from natural foods provides a stable and timely release of energy. Suitable for all fitness levels, Tara’s Nutricare Muscle Blaster is perfect for hydrating the muscles and helping tissue repair after intense workouts.


         Increases muscle growth, builds stamina and aids muscle recovery

         Fat and Sugar Free

         Contains vitamins, minerals and nitrogen for muscle tissue repair

         Soluble in milk and water

         Easily absorbed by the body and metabolizes directly in muscle tissue


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