Everteen Vagina Tightening and Revitalizing Gel 30 gm

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Everteen Vagina Tightening and Revitalizing Gel

Sexual pleasure & satisfaction is one of the key factors that make a relationship more enjoyable and fulfilling. Although there are other aspects that make or break a relationship, sexual fulfillment is one of the top reflections. Aside from sexual gratification, having a tight vagina contributes to a woman’s security and sense of wellness.

Men always prefer tight vagina and they do dream of their partner’s vagina to be as tight as of a virgin. Having a tight vagina will also intensify the pleasure of both partners. 

Some women have a problem with loose vaginal walls or a loose vagina opening. This often frustrates them or their intimate partners due to lack of sensation when having sexual intercourse.

Most of the women still can not tell that their vagina is loose and neither they are aware about the causes of a loose vagina.

One of the most common causes of vaginal loosening is child birth.

Another cause of vagina loosening is frequent sexual activity.

Women often develop problems of loose vagina and vaginal infections which may lead to

  • Loss of self-confidence
  • Stress and irritability
  • Tension between partners

When a woman has a tighter vagina and she and her partner are satisfied sexually, stress levels actually go down.

Everteen is a unique gel extracted from pure and natural ingredients to help moisturize, tighten and revitalize vagina. The natural ingredients of Everteen restore the elasticity of your vagina and bring back instant tightening sensation with increased blood flow into your vaginal muscles.

Everteen is highly effective without any worry of side effects.   

Everteen is a scientifically designed product and is formulated under the expert guidance of gynaecologists. It is micro biologically, dermatologically and clinically tested formula that makes you as fresh as a virgin.

Some of the major benefits are : 

  • Tightens and Revitalizes Vagina
  • Rejuvenate vaginal muscles, tone and vigour in vagina
  • Improves lubrication and reduce dryness
  • Removes vaginal harmful bacteria
  • Restores Post Delivery  Vaginal Elasticity
  • Enhances sexual pleasure

How to Apply:

It is very simple to use the Everteen. Still we suggest to follow the directions given for best result.

  • Wash your hands and Vagina with clean water.
  • Please sit in squatting posture with legs wide open and in line with hips
  • Please wear the gloves provided inside Everteen box in one hand.
  • Take small amount of gel (Recommended 3gm-4gm) of Everteen Gel by spatula provied in other hand.
  • Put the gel on the finger tip of your hand wearing glove and insert the same finger into your vagina and apply the gel inside your vagina in all directions.
  • Wash your glove and spatula with running water and place it back safely in Everteen box.
  • Apply the gel twice daily.


                                     Everteen Advantage:




No Hard Metal. All Natural Ingredients


Customers can feel the result within 7-10 days (1 Pack) and will get encouraged to repeat purchase.


Recommended by Gynaecologist


Hygienic. Provided with gloves.


Pleasing  Smell

Pack Size



Unique & attractive. Feminine Colour Theme.


Acrylic Container: Stylish and unbreakable.



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