Pebble 4400mAh Power Bank

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Just Enough To Keep You Going


The 4400 mAh Lithium-ion battery gives you enough boosts to charge your phone more than once. For those who want a device that is simply enough to fulfil their needs without being an overkill, this Power Bank is the perfect choice.


Because Small Is The New Sexy


The Pebble Universal Pocket charger justifies its name- it literally fits inside your pocket. The sleek and elegant design attracts your eyes, while the minimal size ensures extremely handy and portable experience. The classy Leather Finish not only protects the device from corrosion and scratches, but also gives it a splendid look.


Get Two-For- One


Power banks are to save time from recharging your phone- so why not optimize it further? Pebble Universal Pocket charger comes with 2 USB-Output Ports that enables you to charge two devices simultaneously.


Safety And Efficiency- Two Words That Define Pebble


The Pebble 4400mAh Power Bank recognizes that safety and efficiency is what you would look for, so this is precisely what it focuses upon. This Power bank has a Conversion Rate of over 90%, reducing any power loss. The device is tested against almost every Universal Standard, and has inbuilt safety features like Auto-Cutoff to prevent overcharging. The device also sports an Inbuilt Chip to protect against Short-circuit, Over-Voltage and Over-Current. We care about you.


Power Bank
Capacity 4400 mAh
Size 23x45x96 mm
Input DC 5V 1A
Output 5V 1.5A
Battery Life Charging Cycle > 500 times
Accessories 1 USB - MicroUSB Cable included
Warranty 6 months replacement guarantee


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