Pebble AUX Cable nylon braided

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A long drive, a scenic road and a bunch of friends. All it takes to go from "good" to 'perfect" is some amazing music. Your car would definitely come with some amazing sound system, but it is the playlist that matters the most. What options do you have? Having a CD is too old-fashioned, and putting the favorite songs of everyone in a single USB drive is almost impossible. For tough life decisions like these, you have AUX cables.
While the function of AUX cables is straightforward enough, not all cables are made equal. Some are pretty average, while others are flawless. PNCA10 AUX Cable falls in the latter category.
Long Enough For You To Stretch
The 1-meter length of the PNCA10 AUX cable is enough for you to plug-in the mobile while using it in the back seat. The sturdy cable is also strong enough to withstand any jolt, if you happen to stretch your legs a little further than required. Overall, "long and strong" seems to be our motto.
Tough But Easy
The PNCA10 AUX cable is built with dual shedding, which allows it to have a lifespan more than five times that of regular cables. The nylon braided insulation cover protects the cable from most of the damages, while the golf-plated connectors are just the thing you require in a cable meant for lasting long.
The Music Is ON
We know the AUX cable is primarily for listening to music, so music is what we deliver. The PNCA10 AUX ensures a seamless stream of quality music, with no loss of signal and no noise. Enjoy the best quality sound while on the best road trip of your life. Good things beget better things.
No Tangles, Simple Life
The biggest nuisance in any cable is the irrational tangling, which cannot be answered via normal laws of physics. Since we cannot invent a new set of physics laws, we instead invented a new design. The PCNA10 AUX cable is free of tangles, and thus, free from any cause of worries. Simple life, simple ways.

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